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How a Muffler Works

Here's what the inside of a muffler looks like and how it works.

A muffler is used near the end of the exhaust system on a vehicle to reduce the noise emitted by the engine. The noise comes from the combustion chamber, and travels through the exhaust stream.

The muffler has a series of perforated tubes, baffles and a trap door that redirect exhaust gases. As the gases travel, sound waves are either absorbed, or reflected and destructively interfered, cancelling them out.

The exhaust gas continues to flow around in the muffler and out the tail pipe. However, most mufflers pose as a restriction for an internal combustion engine, because the exhaust gases have to travel around, back in a reverse direction and then out the tail pipe. This is known as reverse flow or turbo style muffler.

Many mufflers are accompanied upstream by a resonator, that reduces certain frequencies of sound in the exhaust stream before it enters the muffler. On the outside, it looks like a small tube increasing to a large diameter tube, and then back down to exhaust pipe diameter.

Mufflers work on the principle of destructive interference and absorption. The walls of the muffler are made of two layers of stainless steel, which help reduce vibration and absorb sound. Some mufflers have a fiberglass material around the perforated tubes to help absorb sound.

Destructive interference occurs when a sound wave is reflected off a surface and interferes with the inbound sound wave. The high amplitudes interference with the low amplitudes, and the net amplitude becomes zero. Baffles are strategically distanced to cancel out certain frequencies.

The muffler illustrated in this video was from a 2001 Toyota Corolla. It features a spring loaded passive exhaust flap. The flap opens once pressure is built at higher RPM's, allowing the majority of exhaust gases to enter into the third and final chamber, before exiting the tail pipe.

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speedkar99 : Purchase tools used in this video to dissect your own car parts:
Angle Grinder (aka snap ring pliers): (US) (Canada)
3/8" Ratchet set: (US) (Canada)
Screwdriver set: (US) (Canada)
David Bovee : love the toothbrush pointer!
Dil : Surprising amount of engineering in what appears to be a simple component. This channel was a great find. Keep it up.
jojotogo10 : What an informative video! Clear well shot, very well described - and no fluff. Keep them coming boss
Cenyien : Great video, thanks for taking the time to pull one apart and explain the theory for us. I’ve often wondered what was going on in there.

Muffler - Can you feel

Just lovely, Muffler never ceases to amaze me, he's finding himself in every possible style, this time - brilliant liquid.\r
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szczęście jest koloru czarnego : I remember listening to this in 2010 <3
Yesus Yaman : 10 years later i still find my way in here. Love this one!
1987briggsy : Absolutely loving this tune, muffler is so underrated, slips right in under the radar every time. Beautiful music
Chrissiieeee : this music is beautiful!
does anybody know if this sort of music plays at any venues around Sydney, Australia?
Stray Medicine : I just heard the first three notes, then I paused it to write this.
I can tell this is going to be damn good.

Homemade 3 Inch Exhaust Muffler | Stainless Steel

#gpgarage #homemademuffler #stainlesssteelmuffler

Hello everyone

In this video I show You how to make stainless steel muffler for car. This 3 inch muffler I made for my Bmw e39. I want build catback 3inch sistem on bmw e39 and this muffler is replacement for oem middle silencer.
In next video I will make full flow muffler for replacement oem back muffler.
When I'm done, I'll post a video to hear the difference and new sound.

Thanks for watching
Jean Melim : Very good.. now a video with the exgsust sound!
Creaciones JC : Aquí pendientes de la prueba final ya que este instalado. Saludos
Herbybandit : It looks like it's made from some pretty thick material! Only things I'd change are some kind of sound deadening and drill some holes in the last flat plate to line up with the internal baffles so you can plug weld them in place 'cos I bet it buzzes.
Mike Crawford : Very slick you put out some great ideas thanks for sharing!
John Moriarty : How much flow do those baffle restrict?




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